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Another year has come and gone. During the past year CASSA Hosted GP training meetings in Bloemfontein and Gauteng in collaboration with Mediclinic....

Another year has come and gone. During the past year CASSA

  1. Hosted GP training meetings in Bloemfontein and Gauteng in collaboration with Mediclinic. During these meetings General Practitioners were shown how to read and interpret an ECG. GP’s were also given an update on the latest treatments for AF – ablation etc. Many more meetings were held around the country in collaboration with our Corporate Member companies, where CASSA EXCO members acted as speakers.
  2. CASSA did not have their annual symposium in 2014, as a big national meeting has been planned for April 2015. See the section under Programmes for 2015 for more information.
  3. In the never ending battle with Medical funders, CASSA EXCO have been working effortlessly to secure proper funding for procedures necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.
  4. CASSA launched a project to review the Coding for EP procedures and, in partnership with all the Electrophysiologists around the country, they have drawn up a list of codes for pacing and ablation which will be discussed with South African Heart Association and the South African Medical Association in due course.
  5. An EP fellowship programme, sponsored by Corporate Member companies Medtronic, Biosense and Biotronik was launched and Dr Haroon Mia has left for Canada, where he will complete said programme for two years.
  6. The accreditation of electrophysiologists, as well as ICD practitioners, will continue and as soon as final structures have been put in place between CASSA and the international body that will oversee the process, these will be communicated to the members.



  1. ECG Quiz in South African Heart Association Journal as well as Modern Medicine

    The quarterly ECG quiz will appear in the SA Heart Journal and a similar questionnaire, aimed at GP’s, will appear in the Modern Medicine Magazine.

  2. ECG Course for Cardiology Registrars

    An advanced ECG course for Cardiology candidates will take place in April 2015.

  3. CASSA Specialist Symposium

    The national CASSA specialist symposium has become a popular event on the South African Cardiology calendar. Professors Martin Green and Andrew Krahn have been invited as key note speakers at the CASSA national symposium, planned for April 2015.

    This meeting will be expanded to also include training of both General Practitioners as well as Allied professionals. The nature of the symposium will again be with emphasis on practical application at the hand of case discussions.

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