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The CASSA specialist symposium, entitled ‘The Clinical Management of Arrhythmia’ will take place during September and October 2013. International...

Clinical Management of Arrhythmia National Symposium

The CASSA specialist symposium, entitled ‘The Clinical Management of Arrhythmia’ will take place during September and October 2013. International Key note speakers are Prof Sanjeev Saksena, Professor in Clinical Medicine at RWJ Medical School, USA and Dr Owen Obel, Associate Professor in Medicine at the Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas.

The symposium will consist of four meetings.

Saturday 28 September: Full day symposium in Johannesburg – Radisson Gautrain.

Sunday 29 September: Intra-cardiac ECG – Case discussions with Dr Owen Obel and local experts. This will be a half day meeting at Radisson Gautrain.

Friday 04 October: Basic EP and pacing course for senior cardiology registrars, led by Prof Sanjeev Saksena, Prof Rob Scott Millar and Dr Ashley Chin.

Saturday 05 October: Full day symposium in Cape Town – Crystal Towers Hotel.

The draft programme as well as details on registration for this symposium can be found on the CASSA website. The symposium, accredited with 8 CPD points, will again be brought to all delegates free of charge.

General Practitioner Education

CASSA will be involved in training of general practitioners on Friday 13 September in Bloemfontein. Drs Nico van der Merwe and Andrew Thornton will be addressing GP’s on the clinical management of arrhythmias during the annual Mediclinic CPD weekend.

Another GP meeting will be held in Johannesburg on 09 November and in February 2014 CASSA will host two full day meetings to specifically up-skill general practitioners in the field of arrhythmia management.

Billing and coding in the field of electrophysiology

CASSA is working on a document at the hand of which it would like to bring about some change in the way coding is done for different EP procedures and will discuss this with South African Medical Association as soon as the draft document is drawn up.

CASSA is currently also assisting the Private Practice Committee of The South African Heart Association in this regard particularly as regards ablation, pacing and device follow up.


The accreditation of electrophysiologists, as well as ICD practitioners, is still ongoing and as soon as final structures have been put in place between CASSA and ECAS, the latter having been chosen as the international body that will oversee the process, these will be communicated to the members.

The CASSA Executive committee members are in constant discussion with Medical aids about reimbursement issues.

For further information on any of the above, please visit the CASSA Website or contact Franciska on or 0828061599

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